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JavaServer Pages : developer's handbook - Nick Todd Download


Publication Date:May 2003

Publisher Comments:
JavaServer Pages Developers Handbook gives practical, in-depth implementation advice on building robust JSP applications. Learn how to use JSP within enterprise Java applications, and when working with databases and Enterprise JavaBeans. Incorporate JSP tag libraries and frameworks, including Struts, to simplify page construction. This book covers JSP 2.0 and Servlets 2.4 including the expression language, filters, and expanded support for XML in JSP applications.

Create custom tags to automate common functions, interact with Enterprise JavaBeans, and ensure security and reliability in JSP applications. The authors demonstrate transforming and presenting XML data, building Web Service applications, and deploying JSP applications using Jakarta Tomcat. At the end of the book, youll build a complete working Web application incorporating many of the topics discussed.
This is a comprehensive developers guide to building applications with JavaServer Pages 2.0. Included is coverage of other related topics JSP developers need to know, such as XML and Web services.
"JavaServer Pages Unleashed" gives developers everything they need to build applications with JSP. Starting with JSP syntax and JSP's role in the J2EE architecture, the book covers building JSP front-ends for JavaBeans, presenting database information, creating custom JSP tag libraries, presenting and transforming XML data, and more. Later chapters cover advanced features including JSP security, using popular J2EE application servers, and building interfaces for wireless applications. Real world, practical examples illustrate every concept, and the book concludes with a large case study demonstarting many of the topics taught in the book. Covers changes and new features introduced in JSP 2.0 and Servlets 2.4, both due at the end of 2002.


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