Thursday, December 30

Physics for Scientists & Engineers 6/e + Solution

Author: Raymond A. Serway
Format: Hardcover, 702 pages
Date: January 2003
Publisher: Brooks
ISBN-10: 0534408451
ISBN-13: 9780534408459
Format- PDF

I had used Serway's textbook before the second author joined. Different editions may exhibit slight differences, but this book is very suitable for those who want to gain a solid fundamental in physics. I believe this book is intended to address freshmen and sophomores, who major in math, sciences and engineering and it executes this task very successfully. It requires knowledge of calculus for better understanding.

The chapters do not contain excessively long, boring discussions; rather, they are presented with adequate discussions. Worked-out problems are especially beneficial to understand the concepts. If one solves and understands these examples, they can attack the end-of-chapter problems more easily. The end-of-chapter problems are classified into 3 categories; standard difficulty, medium difficulty and challenging problems. Therefore, a student can make use of his time according to the level of difficulty of his course, background etc. If you little time to practice and a fair knowledge of the subject matter, you could easily start with medium level problems and try the harder ones as well.

Some chapters contain some interesting articles about everyday physical phenomena which are related to the concepts presented. Hence, the student has a chance to relate theory and life and get a more profound comprehension of physics.


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