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Introductory Digital Signal Processing with Computer Applications, 2E

Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: computer, applications, processing, signal, digital, introductory
Number of Pages: 494
Published: 1998-04
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0471976318
ISBN-13: 9780471976318

Book Description:

Introductory Digital Signal Processing with Computer Applications Second Edition Paul A. Lynn formerly: Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK and Wolfgang Fuerst United Nations, New York, USA "An excellent introductory book" (Review of the First Edition in the International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education) ".it will serve as a reference book in this area for a long time" (Review of Revised Edition in Zentralblatt für Mathematik (Germany)) Firmly established over the last decade as the essential introductory Digital Signal Processing (DSP) text, this second edition reflects the growing importance of random digital signals and random DSP in the undergraduate syllabus by including two new chapters. The authors’ practical, problem-solving approach to DSP continues in this new material, which is packed up by additional worked examples and computer programs. The book now features:
* fundamentals of digital signals and systems
* time and frequency domain analysis and processing, including digital convolution and the Discrete and Fast Fourier Transforms
* design and practical application of digital filters
* description and processing of random signals, including correlation, filtering, and the detection of signals in noise
Programs in C and equivalent PASCAL can be found on the books supplementary website. Typical results and graphic plots from all the programs are illustrated and discussed in the main text. The overall approach assumes no prior knowledge of electronics, computing, or DSP. An ideal text for undergraduate students in electrical, electronic and other branches of engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and physics. Practising engineers and scientists will also find this a highly accessible introduction to an increasingly important field.


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